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Our Business is Saving You Time
Here’s How We Do It


Teach More, Stress Less with Charms

See how you can get more music out of your day with time-saving Charms in this 13-minute webinar.


Case Study: From the Top

We interviewed a longtime Charms customer about the time they tried another music program management tool – and why they returned to Charms. Read this case study to understand why band directors, boosters and staff prefer Charms.


Manage Every Dollar (No Spreadsheets Required) with Charms

Discover all the ways Charms helps teachers, band directors and booster organizations tackle their finances for fees, field trips and fundraising with...

  • 24/7 parent access to account balances.
  • Global access screens to enter payments from multiple students at once.
  • Credit card processing capabilities to reduce cash and check handling.
  • Reporting tools and audit trails for added security.
  • And more!

Event Ticketing Software: Coming to You Live from Vanco Events

See how Vanco Events and Charms can team up to simplify your events with our webinar, which will show you how to...

  • Create event registration pages and start selling tickets in minutes.
  • Enjoy a reserved seating feature for better organized events.
  • Get started for free!

Don't Go Solo—Get Help from Parents with Charms

It doesn’t matter how efficient a music teacher is. There just aren't enough hours in a day to get everything done, at least not alone. With more than 32 years of experience managing a music program, Lesley Moffat knows better than most. Watch the author of I Love My Job but It’s Killing Me: The Teacher’s Guide to Conquering Chronic Stress and Sickness in this free webinar to see how you can get the break you deserve.

During the webinar, you’ll learn how to...

  • Let go and bring in parents and volunteers to help.
  • Use Charms music program management software to coordinate parents and delegate tasks.
  • Get parents excited about being involved.
  • Create and maintain a work-life balance.

Collecting Online Payments Is Easy for Charms Users

Charms software already simplifies your music program management, but it could do even more by pairing it with RevTrak, Vanco’s time-saving online payment solution. Watch our webinar to learn how you can…

  • Offer parents the convenience of paying online at any time of day.
  • Easily collect payments for trips, fundraising, fees and spirit wear.
  • Keep your finance department happy with transparent reporting.
  • Save hours of manually collecting, tracking and reconciling cash and checks.
THUMB Charms Tips for a New School Year Guide

3 Simple Steps to Ensure a Successful Start at a New School

This guide will show you how to successfully start a music teaching position at a new school. It shows you…

  • How your school’s technology can help your program succeed
  • The best ways to communicate with parents and volunteers
  • Why creating and sharing the events calendar early in the year is important

4 Things to Do During Summer to Rock Next School Year


  • The four most important tasks you need to finish in July and August to set yourself up for success
  • Strategies used by thousands of schools across the country for tackling the four most important tasks
  • How to take some work off your plate by delegating tasks
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4 Vital Communication Tools for Your Music Program


  • The answer to fast and effective emergency communication
  • How to quickly alert parents and volunteers to changes in event times and venues
  • How you can cut time on routine notifications and messages
  • The four communication tools you might not have, but shouldn’t go on without
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Where are Your Band’s Instruments? Ask Charms

In just 30 minutes, you’ll...

  • Find a way to put an end to lost instruments for good
  • See how Charms pays for itself
  • Learn how to save hours keeping up an inventory of instruments, sheet music and uniforms

3 Wishes to Make School Fundraising Easier

Learn how you can…

  • Deliver products through a variety of ways: direct mail, student delivery or student pickup
  • Distribute products to students, your organization or a combination of the two
  • Receive summary reports for total fundraising and individual student results
  • Import data instead of manually entering
  • Track inventory