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4 Vital Communication Tools for Your Music Program

Charms to the Rescue!

If you work around a school music program in any capacity, you know things don’t always go as planned. Venues change, event times move and band buses get stuck in the snow.

And when things like that happen to your band, you need to communicate fast with students and parents. That’s where Charms, a Vanco company, comes to your rescue.

Charms is not only a complete management system for music programs, it’s also a powerful communication tool. Whether it’s for an important last-minute scheduling change notification or for routine messages, Charms makes getting the word out easy.

Come see how easy it is to send messages from within the Charms platform – no need to use a separate email client or mass texting tool. We’ll also be demoing the mass voicemail messaging tool, the mobile app and more.

Get the Recording!

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