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3 Wishes to Make School Fundraising Easier

There’s No Magic to It – Just a Great Solution

You don’t need a magic lamp to make your school fundraising easier. All you need is the perfect software and a set of best practices for using it.

Get both during our on-demand webinar, 3 Wishes to Make School Fundraising Easier.

Learn how Charms, your all-in-one music management software, has helped hundreds of teachers, directors and booster organizations raise money for their programs. In just 30 minutes, we’ll share the three ways Charms takes the hassle out of fundraising and best practices from successful schools. We'll cover:


• Accept payments through multiple methods

• Distribute products to students, your organization or a combination of the two


• Deliver products through a variety of ways: direct mail, student delivery or student pickup


• Import data instead of manually entering

• Track inventory

• Track income, expenses and student profit

• Receive summary reports for total fundraising and individual student results

• Create an audit trail of financial entries for security

Learn How to Make Fundraising Easier!

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